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(Facebook) - 5*Water cooling All-in-One de marque Corsair de 280mm
Jeu 24 Mar - 6:25 par Sector-z

5*Mini Water Cooling de marque Corsair, plusieurs …

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(Facebook) - 3* MSI R9 390 8GB Gaming OC
Jeu 24 Mar - 6:21 par Sector-z

3* carte video de marque MSI, model R9 390 8GB …

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(Facebook) - Samsung 850 series SSD: M.2, MSATA & SATA 3
Jeu 24 Mar - 6:00 par Sector-z

SSD de marque Samsung, série 850 au format …

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(Facebook) - SSD M.2 Samsung 950 PRO: (~ 5 X + rapide qu'un bon en SATA 3 )
Jeu 24 Mar - 5:57 par Sector-z

SSD au format M.2 de marque Samsung, model 950 …

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(Facebook) - MSI GTX 970 4GB GAMING OC ( PAS le model LE)
Ven 11 Mar - 2:56 par Sector-z

Carte video de marque MSI, model GTX 970 4GB …

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(Facebook) - Gigabyte R9 390 8GB Gaming G1
Ven 11 Mar - 2:53 par Sector-z

Carte video de marque Gigabyte, model R9 390 8GB …

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(Facebook) - Acer Predator X34 Bmiphz (Ultra Wide Screen) Curved G-SYNC
Mer 2 Mar - 2:47 par Sector-z

Moniteur 34'' format 21:9 de marque Acer, model …

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(Facebook) - 2*Gigabyte GTX 970 4GB G1 Gaming
Mar 1 Mar - 23:50 par Sector-z

Carte vidéo de marque Gigabyte model GTX 970 4GB …

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(Facebook) - Radiateur: ***Pour moddeur seulement***
Mar 1 Mar - 23:15 par Sector-z

Radiateur 280mm en aluminium, Kraken X60 avec …

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(Facebook) - Heatsink: ***Pour moddeur seulement***
Mar 1 Mar - 23:13 par Sector-z

Heatsink en alluminium de très bonne qualité, …

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(Facebook) - SSD M.2 Samsung 950 PRO 256 & 512GB
Mar 1 Mar - 3:53 par Sector-z

SSD type M.2 de marque Samsung, model 256GB et …

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 Star Citizen - from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.

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Utilisateur Bannie

Date d'inscription : 25/08/2009
Messages : 2573
NB de merci reçu : 37
Galerie Personnel : N/A
Feedback : N/A

MessageSujet: Star Citizen - from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.   Sam 17 Nov - 13:51

En gros, si vous avez ma envie de lire la suite, ça va être un genre de méga jeu de combat spaciaux, comme Wing Commander et Privateer, avec un style MMO ( mais ils disent ne pas vouloir être un MMO ) dans un univers en perpétuel changement. C'est supposé être free to play en plus, vous n'avez qu'à acheter le jeux ! Smile

À suivre ! Personellement j'ai déjà acheté mon "early adopter" pour 35$

!!!! Crowdfunding ends in 2 days !!!! (2012-11-17)
[center]** vous pouvez inscrire mon Email comme "référence" si vous vous abonnez : ** a écrit:
Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.

• A rich universe focused on epic space adventure, trading and dogfighting in first person.
• Single Player – Offline or Online (Drop in / Drop out co-op play)
• Persistent Universe (hosted by US)
• Mod-able multiplayer (hosted by YOU)
• No Subscriptions
• No Pay to Win

Here’s the deal. We’re doing crowdfunding on our own website, and we’re doing it on Kickstarter.

More updates are coming soon, and we sincerely appreciate your support

•Will there be story updates or expansions?

We’re going to be constantly updating the universe from our end. I’m not interested in having yearly updates. We will have a team of people adding content on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. So we’ll be always adding data, stories, and campaigns as well as reacting to what the players are doing.

So the universe will change based on what the players do. They can also become a part of the history of the universe. Say there’s a player who’s an explorer, if they find a space anomaly and successfully navigate it, which is not easy to do. If they’ve recorded the Nav-Data of their jump, they’ll be able to sell it for a great profit to a space company and they’ll have the system and jump-point named after them.

The goal of Star Citizen is build a living, breathing universe that is its own entity. It will be a constantly shifting and evolving place for people to go and escape to.

• Is Star Citizen an MMO?

No! Star Citizen will take the best of all possible worlds, ranging from a permanent, persistent world similar to those found in MMOs to an offline, single player campaign like those found in the Wing Commander series. The game will include the option for private servers, like Freelancer, and will offer plenty of opportunities for players who are interested in modding the content. Unlike many games, none of these aspects is an afterthought: they all combine to form the core of the Star Citizen experience.

• Can you explain the stretch goals?

The purpose of the higher stretch goals is to ensure that the game-as-described is finished in the two year time period. We intend to build the game that Chris Roberts described at GDC Online regardless, but without additional funding we are going to have to do it one piece at a time, starting with Squadron 42, rather than as a single larger production. With more funding we can include more ships, systems, unique locations, animations and cinematic sequences.

• Is Star Citizen “free to play”? A subscription game?

To play Star Citizen you need only to buy the initial game. There will never be a monthly charge for usage. Some in-game items may be available as microtransactions, but we will NEVER sell anything that can’t be acquired through honest (and fun!) gameplay.

• What will the gameplay be like?

Star Citizen will feature gameplay similar to the original Wing Commander and Privateer, with a more realistic physics system. This means that it is NOT a ‘click to kill’ interface like most modern MMOs; your success in combat is going to depend as much on your skill with a space fighter as it will with your ship upgrades and your pocket book.
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Utilisateur Bannie

Date d'inscription : 25/08/2009
Messages : 2573
NB de merci reçu : 37
Galerie Personnel : N/A
Feedback : N/A

MessageSujet: Re: Star Citizen - from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.   Mar 20 Nov - 12:59

Final Crowdfund: $6,238,563 ** ils ont battu le record de kickstarter précédent qui était de 4.xx millions. **

Les Alpha puis beta devrait commencer d'ici 12 mois et le jeux est prévue pour 2014. Les "bakers" ont droit au alpha et beta automatiquement, bien sur ! Smile

RSI a écrit:
Thank You – Transition Plan

The battle is over and we—PC gamers, space sim fans, WingNuts, Lancers and the rest—have won. You’ve not only met every goal we set, you’ve exceeded them. Star Citizen will be released because of your dedication and your willingness to put your money where our mouths are. Our gratitude is immeasurable; we owe you our livelihoods and will not soon forget it.

The question is: what happens next?

Our intention has always been to make Roberts Space Industries YOUR site. It’s not a public advertisement for the game; it’s a private community for those who are making the game happen. We want your input on what we’re doing and we want to share our plans with you; the occasional passer-by doesn’t concern us. The plan was initially to immediately switch on a wall that would allow only you, our backers, to access features like the Comm-Link and the Spectrum Dispatches. Kickstarter has thrown something of a wrench in this plan: we can’t change the site until the Kickstarter backers are integrated, which may take up to two weeks, otherwise we would be blocking thousands of backers from participating.

Updates and features will continue, returning to a regular schedule in the next few days. The team needs a few days to collect ourselves and reform before jumping into the immense task ahead (after the last month, our husbands, wives, children and yes, pets, miss us!) We will also be launching new sections which have been in the works for some time: the Galactapedia will tell you more about the Star Citizen world, Engineering will introduce you to game mechanics that are being planned and Holovids will offer you video footage from the game as it takes shape.

What about pledges? Good news: those of you who got in on the ground floor are covered. Your ships have lifetime insurance policies and for the next year you will have the ability to purchase further tiers or upgrade existing ones at the initial prices. That’s not true of everyone else: if you want to back Star Citizen and participate in this amazing community, you still can… but it’s going to cost you a little extra as of now, and you aren’t going to have as many extras (no lifetime insurance, for example.)

One issue which concerns us is what to do with the funding tracker. So we’re going to throw the issue up to you: in two weeks, when the wall goes up, what do you want to see done with the tracker? Without the ‘push’ of the campaign it probably won’t update very dramatically… but it’s always possible it will go up enough to reach future stretch goals anyway. Should we keep it, remove it or put it somewhere else? We’ll let the community decide.

poll a écrit:
What should we do with the counter after the campaign?

Keep it up! We want to go for those upper stretch goals! (67%, 11,647 Votes)
Take it down - the focus should be on the game now. (21%, 3,711 Votes)
Move it to another site so it's not on the front page. (12%, 1,913 Votes)

Total Voters: 17,271

We also have previously outlined the ‘behind the screens’ subscription plans available now. They’re designed for users who simply want to give us a little extra support during the development—you’re getting the whole story, regardless—but we will have some extra fun for our monthly contributors.

We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for this project. Please see the next update on ‘The Pledge’ for our promise to you. The next two years are going to be incredible for all involved and we’re thoroughly happy that all of you are along for this exciting ride.
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Star Citizen - from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.
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